The Castle of Spedaletto

Inside the castle of Spedaletto Aurelio Carletti's family has opened a new rural hotel called "Il Castello."
"Il Castello" is the only rural hotel (apart from "La Grancia") that has rooms inside of the castle of Spedaletto.
The farm holiday offers guests three spacious and luminos rooms called "Torretta", "Panoram" and "Sogno".
The interiors have been furnished with the greatest care to preserve the original look: there are brickwork floor and fifteenth-century wood-beamed cellings; in the rooms there are wrought-iron beds with canopies and ample bathrooms with Florentine style decorations; all of them have independent heating and airr-conditioning.
The view over the surrounding countryside is one of the most picture-square in Tuscany and the spacious garden has swings for the children.
A pleasant kitchen is also avaible the square with the guests of "La Grancia" of Cinzia Carletti.
For breakfast or lunch you cann taste, on request, the farm products.
The partnership of "Il Castello" and "La Grancia" awaits you!